Intramural Sports

competitive & recreational sports & activities.


Last school year, more than 1,600 participants played more than 17,000 times, combined, in organized leagues, tournaments and special events! Undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and staff are all eligible to participate in as many intramural competitions as desired with a semester-long intramural pass.

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how to sign up for an intramural sport

  1. Visit
  2. Sign in with your Blue credentials
  3. Click the orange “Intramural Sports” banner.
  4. Click the sport you wish to join (double-check the registration dates if you have difficulties)
  5. Choose the league in which you wish to play (Men’s, Women’s, CoRec, etc.)
  6. Sign up for the sport one of three ways:


  • Click “Create Team” and input the required information.
  • Captains may invite members to their team by clicking “Invite Members” on the team page (for players already registered on IMLeagues: search and invite by name; for players not yet registered on IMLeagues: use the “invite by email address” function). Invited members must accept the invitation to be added to the team.
  • New teams will be placed on the waitlist and cannot be moved to a time slot before obtaining the minimum number of rostered players for the particular sport. Captains are responsible for placing their teams into their desired time slot upon becoming eligible.


  • Accept an invite from a team captain, OR Find a team (on the division/league page or on another player’s profile) and request to join.


  • You may list yourself as a free agent in many divisions within a league as you’d like. As a free agent, you will be visible to all members of the site. You may request to join a team and post information about yourself so teams can send you an invite.

how To move your team from the waitlist

You may only move your team from the waitlist when you meet the minimum required number of players on your roster.

  1. Click “Team Options” on the left side of your team page.
  2. Under the captain heading, click “Change Division.”
  3. Select a division.


Contact Assistant Director for Competitive Sports Steven Walton.