Health Insurance Requirements

Health Insurance Requirements.

To ensure the student’s academic success, Creighton University requires that all full-time students (Undergraduate = 12 credits/semester; Graduate = 8 credits/semester) be covered by a comprehensive health insurance plan* for the entire academic year.

  • New and returning students are auto-enrolled in the University-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan.
  • If a student already has a comprehensive insurance plan, he/she must waive the coverage through the NEST. International students (on an F-1 or J-1 visa) are not eligible to waive the health insurance coverage.
  • The on-line waiver process begins each July 1st and continues through the deadline of September 7th. This information is required on an annual basis.
  • The premium for the University-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan will remain on the student’s account unless the waiver process is completed before the deadline.
  • When Student Health Services becomes aware of a lapse in the student’s insurance coverage, the student will be automatically enrollment in the University-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan and the tuition statement will reflect a charge for the entire premium.

*A comprehensive health insurance plan must include the following requirement:

  • National coverage for inpatient and outpatient medical care. (Emergency only coverage does not satisfy this requirement)
  • National coverage for inpatient and outpatient mental health care. (Emergency only coverage does not satisfy this requirement)
  • Coverage is currently active and maintained for the entire academic year and summer.
  • Offers an unlimited lifetime maximum.

Creighton Student Health Insurance Plan

If you need health insurance, our University-sponsored Creighton Student Health Insurance plan is here for you. The plan:

  • Is designed specifically for today’s college student and his/her dependents.
  • Provides cost-effective comprehensive coverage.
  • Includes access to comprehensive primary care at the Center for Health and Counseling, conveniently located in the heart of campus in the Mike and Josie Harper Center. 


I’m covered by my parents’ insurance plan. What else do I need to know/do?

Determine the scope of coverage provided by your insurance plan. Determine:

  • Do I have comprehensive coverage in the Omaha area (including inpatient and outpatient care for medical and mental health services)?
  • Is non-emergent care (i.e., sore throat, colds, injuries, etc.) covered and at what level?
  • Are club sports and intercollegiate sports injuries covered?
  • Is Creighton Student Health Services considered in-network?
  • Does my plan require a referral when I am out-of-area and how do I get one?
  • At what age do I become ineligible for dependent coverage on my parents’ insurance?

Most insurance companies require full-time student enrollment verification. Forms may be submitted to the Creighton University Registrar’s Office for completion (fax: 402-280-2527; registrar [at] creighton [dot] edu)

Do I need to be on the University-sponsored Student Health Insurance plan to be seen at Student Health Services?

No. Our services are available to all currently enrolled Creighton University students. Our medical providers participate with most insurance plans. All claims are automatically submitted to the insurance carrier submitted by the patient at the time of service. Check with your insurance plan to verify the benefit level for services received at Student Health Services. Patients requiring a referral for out-of-network services are responsible for initiating the referral process.

My parents lost their insurance coverage. Do I need to do anything?

Yes. Your family may be eligible for COBRA coverage. COBRA coverage is expensive and you must enroll within 31 days to avoid a lapse in coverage. Another option is to enroll in our University-sponsored Creighton Student Health Insurance plan. Contact Student Health Services for guidance.

Why do you need to see my insurance card when I come to see a healthcare provider?

We need a copy of your insurance card to file your insurance for you. We’ll also ask for the birthdate of the policyholder (usually mother or father). We will keep this information in your file and ask about any changes at each visit.

Do I have to pay for visits at Student Health Services?

Student Health Services will bill your insurance company for services you receive in our office. If you have questions regarding your bill, you can call our billing specialist (402.280.1860)