Cocoa the Therapy Dog

My name is Cocoa & I'm here to help!

Cocoa the therapy dog

Hi! My name is Cocoa, and I’m a therapy dog in the Student Counseling Services. I love to hang out with students and help them feel happy and stress-free:

My Credentials

I completed three six-week training courses in basic obedience skills and then an internship of ten visits to nursing homes. I earned my license as a Therapy Dog through the program Love on a Leash, a national Therapy Dog licensing group.

Individual Counseling Sessions

Each day I get to spend time with students in their individual therapy sessions. This is when I really utilize my strengths, such as laying down, cuddling, being attentive, listening, playing, and comforting. If you’d like me to attend a session with you, just ask your counselor!

Paws to Talk

I also host an event called Paws to Talk which takes place every Wednesday from 12-1 p.m. in the Skutt Student Center. This is my FAVORITE activity because you all shower me with so much affection! I like to think in this setting I give comfort and receive comfort at the same time.

Campus Events

If you’d like me to attend an event, your people will have to contact my people. Please note that I am unable to attend events this semester, but I look forward to accepting requests again for the fall 2021 semester! Fill out the Cocoa Event Request Form to make a request for next school year.

For more updates about where to find me, and to receive my tips on mindfulness and wellness, give me a follow on my Instagram! @cocoathecounselor