Student Counseling Services

Student Counseling Services


Student Counseling Services compassionately addresses student concerns and provides valuable self-care tools. Typical concerns include self-esteem issues, relationships, stress and anxiety, loneliness, and depression. Most counseling services are provided free of charge to all full-time students at Creighton. There is a fee, however, for Learning Disability and ADHD diagnostic assessments. In addition, appointments with the psychiatrist are billed through a student’s insurance.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling sessions provide objective, caring support to students. To schedule an individual counseling appointment, please call 402.280.2735. Upon calling, you'll be scheduled for a 20-minute phone consultation. Depending on your needs, you'll then be scheduled for an appointment. Please be aware that there may be a waitlist. If you're in crisis, we'll do our best to see you as soon as possible.


Workshops provide engaging opportunities for students to learn and discuss self-care skills with the help of a trained staff member. Workshops are offered for a variety of topics each semester. Learn more about our workshops.

Group Therapy

The perspectives of others who share similar circumstances and challenges can often be helpful to students seeking counseling. The safe and confidential nature of a group setting encourages students to interact with others and talk openly about their concerns. Learn more about our groups.


We’re available to consult with faculty and staff, parents, students, campus groups and organizations, administrative offices or others who may be concerned about a student. We assist with student crises, assess difficult situations, facilitate interventions, identify resources and make referrals where appropriate.


Our board-certified psychiatrist provides medication management of mental health conditions and works in close collaboration with the Student Health Education and Compliance Office and CHI Health Clinic Student Care Clinic to meet the mental health needs of our students.

Assessments and Evaluations

We provide evaluation and management for students with attention issues and/or learning disabilities. Psychologists and trainees in our center also offer personality assessments if recommended by a counselor. These assessments are free of charge and are often used in conjunction with continued therapy to inform treatment. Learn more about our psycho-educational evaluations.

Limitations of Our Services

Student Counseling Services is an outpatient mental health service dedicated to treatment of enrolled Creighton undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. Generally, Counseling Services can treat the emotional difficulties and mental disorders that can safely be managed within the structure of an outpatient service. There are certain mental health disorders that cannot be effectively treated within the structure and resources of Creighton’s Counseling Services. Students that cannot be treated effectively or safely within this structure of resources will be referred to mental health resources within the community (in Omaha or in the student’s home community). Situations that require referral include (but are not limited to) the following: symptoms of disorganized or disruptive psychoses and high suicidal potential requiring inpatient hospital treatment; serious eating disorders; serious substance abuse/addiction treatment; chronic emotional crisis requiring intensive treatment, frequent appointments or special supervision or behavioral management.