Alcohol Education

Alcohol Education

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Creighton takes seriously the need to educate students about the importance of making good choices regarding alcohol. Our efforts are aimed at reducing high-risk drinking and encouraging students to abandon binge drinking behaviors. Alcohol education efforts include:

New Student Programming

The Division of Student Life coordinates the following efforts and initiatives to reduce high-risk drinking among first-year students:

Alcohol EDU (login with Blue credentials)
An online course required of all first-year students covering Creighton’s alcohol policy, alcohol use and abuse, illegal substance use, prescription drug abuse, Creighton’s sexual misconduct policy, and dating violence.

Y1CAP (enter Creighton NetID on 2nd page)
A survey required of all first-year students attending Creighton University and part of a greater Nebraska Collegiate Consortium effort.

T.R.A.A.C. (Track to Recovery from Alcohol Abuse at Creighton):

To assist students in an understanding of the impact alcohol can have on their lives, T.R.A.A.C. is a program implemented to care for intoxicated students who could be in danger of hurting themselves or others. It provides students with proper medical attention and a safe environment in which to recover.

T.R.A.A.C. Standard Operating Procedures for Intoxicated Students:

  1. A student is identified as potentially being intoxicated by demonstrating impaired judgment, impaired reactions, decreased coordination or unresponsiveness.
  2. A medical assessment and field sobriety tests are administered.
  3. The student is transported to University Campus if determined appropriate by the medical assessment.
  4. Parents are notified.
  5. The student is assessed by a University Campus physician to determine course of action. At risk students are transported to Bergan Mercy and hospitalized or placed in an emergency room bed where they will be monitored.
  6. The student is released from University campus with the approval of a Student Care Clinic physician and may be transported back to campus.
  7. The incident is documented and referred for behavioral misconduct, which normally results in a student status of behavioral probation, withdrawal, suspension or expulsion; and educational outcomes.
  8. If the student fails to comply with T.R.A.A.C. Standard Operating Procedures the student may be immediately suspended or expelled from the University.

Good Samaritan Provision

Students are expected to immediately report conduct or activity which poses a danger to the community or its members. This is most important in medical emergencies due to alcohol use. Students should not hesitate to seek help because of fear of disciplinary action (see full text on page 60 of the Student Handbook). 

Parent Resources

The following sources provide you with valuable information and resources to help you talk to your student about alcohol as they prepare to transition to our community, including:

  • Information about the drinking culture at Creighton
  • Suggestions for successful communication about alcohol use
  • Ways to improve your relationships with your student

PDF iconParent Alcohol Handbook

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