Welcome Week

Kick off the new school year with welcome week!

Welcome Week at Creighton

Move-in 2019 is August 16-17, 2019

Welcome Week is our official kick off to the new school year. This student-run, student-focused program begins with move-in activities for freshmen and families during the weekend, then provides a week of engaging activities for students alongside the first classes of the year! The comprehensive Welcome Week schedule is available in the Creighton Guidebook

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You will be notified of your move in date and time in advance. When you arrive to campus on Friday or Saturday, our student leaders will greet you and deliver all of your belongings to your residence hall room! After everyone is moved in on Saturday, students and families will meet with faculty advisors at 3 p.m.. Next, families attend a University Welcome session at 4:15 p.m., where Father Hendrickson and other University leaders will provide a greeting in the Kiewit Fitness Center. Then, all are invited to the President’s Welcome Picnic at 5:30 p.m.. Religious services begin at 7 p.m., and family sessions come to a close with the Sundaes on Saturday ice cream social on the mall. 

After families say goodbye, students begin a week of engagement, new relationships, and exploration of opportunities at Creighton. Events include games at Morrison Stadium and the Kiewit Fitness Center, an Academic Convocation, a picnic with Jesuits, a paint party, a campus-wide lip sync contest, and so much more!

When do I move in?

Move-in 2019 is August 16-17, 2019

You will receive an email from Admissions in May and July informing you of your move in time.

How much does Welcome Week cost?

The required events of Welcome Week are free!

We offer some optional excursions to see Omaha and those range from $5-$10 per excursion. You can sign up for these with your Welcome Week Leader and on the Guidebook App.

How long should family members stay after move-in?

Whatever your schedule allows.

We have sessions welcoming families to Creighton (that are different than Summer Preview) including a welcome mass, picnic, and welcome to the university on Saturday after move-in. If possible, we recommend families stay until Sunday morning. Students have sessions beginning at 1 p.m. on Sunday.

What if I didn’t go to Summer Preview, what do I do?

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone!

Make sure you get your Student ID and, if necessary, your parking pass this weekend before courses begin on Wednesday. Ask your Welcome Week leader how to do this when you get here on Saturday!

When are families welcome back to campus to visit?

Families are always welcome on campus. Family Weekend is a great time to come back and visit. 

I have more questions, who can I contact?

Please feel free to email Welcome Week at WelcomeWeek [at] Creighton [dot] edu or give us a call at 402.280.1715.