Chaplains and Prayer Spaces

Reflection and Spiritual Connection.

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The Chaplain program is a long-standing tradition of the Department of Residential Life. Both Jesuits and lay ministers live among our students in the residence halls, serving as additional supports and resources for our students. They participate in meetings with hall staff and hall government, offer programs to promote hospitality and spirituality, organize Catholic masses in the hall chapels, and are available to be a conversation partner for students enduring difficult situations.

Deglman HallDeglman Hall Chapain
Gallagher HallFr. Kestermeier, SJ
Heider HallMr. Riley Dunn
Kenefick HallFr. Merkel, SJ
Kiewit HallFr. Amidon, S.J.
McGloin HallFr. Flecky, S.J.
Swanson HallFr. Romero, SJ

Chapels and Prayer Rooms

The Department of Residential Life provides spaces in the halls for quiet reflection and prayer. The following is a list of halls with chapels and/or prayer rooms. We encourage you to use these spaces to quiet your mind and listen to what your heart tells you.

Deglman HallChapel, Basement
Heider HallChapel, 1st Floor
Kenefick HallChapel, 2nd Floor
Kiewit HallChapel, 1st Floor, Muslim Prayer Room, 1st Floor
McGloin HallChapel, 1st Floor
Swanson HallChapel, 1st Floor