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COVID 19 Check-Out

In the interest and safety of all of our students and their family members, check-out appointments will not be available during the month of April. This includes appointments to retrieve student belongings from your residence hall room or from the University-approved storage area. This includes both students from Nebraska, as well as those from outside the state. Further information about the check out process will be emailed to students on Monday, April 20.

Live on campus and immerse yourself in student life! Our class-year housing system is designed to provide an exceptional opportunity for students to build community with one another and become integrated into the greater university community. Our Housing and Auxiliary Services team works to create excellent living environments, while the Department of Residential Life invites students to ask intentional questions about themselves and their identities, their relationship to others, and how they can become leaders in a global society.

All full-time, unmarried undergraduate students from outside the Omaha area are required to live in the residence halls their first two years at Creighton. If you’re from Omaha, we strongly recommend you live on-campus so that you can benefit from all that living at Creighton has to offer.