Fraternity and Sorority Life

Make lifelong friends through our Sorority and Fraternity organizations.

Greek life at Creighton
Make lifelong friends through our Sorority and Fraternity organizations.

The Fraternity and Sorority Life experience also offers a chance to find your place on campus through a breadth of leadership opportunities. Creighton values a diverse, well-rounded student body and expects that you will be positively influenced by your fraternity or sorority experience, but not defined by it.

With 44% of Creighton undergraduates involved, fraternities and sororities are popular outlets for personal growth. Our Fraternity and Sorority organizations place a high value on academics and demonstrate a strong commitment to community service. Last year, fraternities and sororities completed 20,126 community service hours and raised $213,804 for philanthropic causes.

Our Values

Fraternity & Sorority Life is guided by six key values:

  • Scholarship: Demonstrating academic integrity and committing to lifelong learning.
  • Leadership: Embracing roles that prepare you for challenges beyond the Creighton experience.
  • Social Development: Participating in responsible social activities and making informed decisions about alcohol, drugs and interpersonal relationships.
  • Service: Giving of yourself for the betterment of all.
  • Faith: Pursuing spiritual growth through service and moral observance.
  • Lifelong Brotherhood/Lifelong Sisterhood: Forming friendships that transcend college.

The Fraternity & Sorority Life Strategic Plan is aimed at promoting the growth of this community while honoring its essential tenets. See where we’re headed in the next 3-5 years