Transitional Programs

helping students move successfully through college and beyond.

transitional programs

Transitional programs prepare students for the future. Moving from year to year and thinking about life after Creighton can be intimidating. We provide the opportunities to learn and grow. Programs are tailored to all years of study to be both exciting and educational.

Freshman Year

Freshman programming integrates new students into life at Creighton by intentionally providing developmental opportunities and an inclusive environment to parents and families. This includes New Student Orientation (NSO) which is comprised of Summer Preview, Welcome Week, and Transfer Orientation.

Sophomore Year

Transitional opportunities continue into sophomore year to provide growth in the eight dimensions of wellness—emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual. This programming includes navigating your next living situation, discerning your academic path, and finding new places in the Omaha community to expand your interests.

Junior Year

Junior year offers the How to Adult series, which teaches tangible skills to for life after Creighton. You’ll learn about vehicle safety, budget planning, owning your first pet, improving your professional social media presence, tuning your interviewing skills, and more.

Senior Year

Senior year concludes the How to Adult series and provides opportunities to reflect on your transitional experiences. You’ll work with the Career Center to explore post-graduation opportunities; be recognized by faculty and staff with Senior Spotlight; and celebrate with your peers at some of your favorite Omaha destinations during senior week. By graduation, you’ll be more than prepared to move into the world as a member of the alumni community.