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CU Involved

CU Involved is your go-to source to discover new events and student organizations and to maintain rosters and other aspects of club involvement. Here are just a few of the things you can do with this resource:

  • Apply to join a club or organization
  • Discover events in your areas of interest
  • Keep abreast of news about all student organizations
  • Run an election
  • Maintain a club roster
  • Track attendance at student events
  • Export event details to your Outlook Calendar

How-to Guides

With everything CU Involved can do, navigating your organization can be overwhelming. So we created these guides for the essential functions:

  • How to Create a New CU Involved Site: If you’re starting a new organization, you’ll need to create a CU Involved site. Submissions are approved by the Student Leadership and Involvement Center.
  • PDF icon How to Complete the Annual Registration Process: Be sure your student organization is registered with the Student Leadership and Involvement Center, an annual requirement for all clubs.
  • How to Maintain a Roster: Keep track of everyone in your student organization. Use these instructions to keep your roster up to date.
  • How to Create a Form: Forms are useful for a number of organizational functions. Learn about the features of the form builder.
  • How to Create a Document Library: Document libraries allow you to create consistency for the types of documents being uploaded by your organizations.
  • How to Create and Edit Event: Hosting an event? All events must be registered and approved by the Student Leadership and Involvement Center in CU Involved.
  • How to Write an Event Proposal: Sometimes events need to have additional information in order to be considered for approval. In these instances, a proposal must be written.
  • PDF icon How to Track Event Attendance: To receive a detailed attendance report, your event must first be submitted and approved using the “Create an Event” guide above. Then, use this guide to to prepare to track attendance at your event.
  • PDF icon How to Use CU Involved for Club Elections: Organization officers have the ability to create elections within their organizations, either for the entire community to vote on, or exclusive to organization members. 
  • PDF icon How to Virtually Manage your Organization: Now that Creighton has transitioned to online learning for the rest of the semester, this will assist you in the virtual management of your student club/organization. 
  • PDF icon How to Manage a Prospective Club/Organization: If you’re starting a student club or organization, you may not know exactly how to navigate the process. Check out this helpful guide to guide your group.
  • PDF icon How to Access the Event Pass The Event Pass is a unique code that allows you to quickly check-in to events on campus.


Need to fill out an involvement grant form, catering exclusivity form, donated Pepsi product form, or more? The Student Leadership Involvement Center has gone paperless! All forms can now be found on CU Involved.

25 Live

Need to reserve a space for your event? 25Live is the University’s scheduling tool. Click here to learn about and access 25Live.