Creighton Students Union

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CSU creighton students union

Founded in 1922, the Creighton Students Union is the comprehensive student government on campus, serving all 8,000 + Creighton students. In its early years, the Students Union founded the weekly school newspaper, The Creightonian, and the yearbook, the Bluejay. Over time, the Students Union has evolved into a complex organization that represents the student body, supports the functioning of student organizations, plans and implements activities to meet the diverse needs of the student body, and holds up Creighton’s Catholic, Jesuit mission of education, service, and the development of the whole person. Specifically, the CSU hosts some of the largest events on campus, including Homecoming, Jaywalk, Fallapalooza, and Senior Week. It also allocates approximately $120,000 to student organizations and sports clubs throughout the year.

You can get involved with CSU by becoming a CSU Fellow or serving as a CSU Representative. Governing positions are also available within CSU. These positions offer real-life leadership and executive skills, including managing hundreds of thousands of dollars of programming funds.

CSU’s Branches

The Creighton Students Union has four branches, which exist and operate cohesively to pass legislation and determine policy and programming: