Student Organizations

something for everyone: over 200 different clubs and organizations.

Student Organizations at Creighton

With more than 200 student organizations at Creighton, there’s something for everyone, from undergraduates to graduate and professional students.

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Each year, our student organizations provide leadership opportunities and the chance to apply education outside of the classroom.

While not all clubs are leadership-focused, just getting involved will boost your leadership potential. Of all students involved in clubs:

  • 97% report they have grown from being in a leadership role within a club.
  • 93% report leading a student organization positively impacted their Creighton experience.

Student Organizations will help you become a better communicator and delegator. They will also help you develop a stronger awareness of yourself and your impact on others, manage your time more efficiently, incorporate new perspectives into your work and leadership tasks, and refine skills you can bring to your future career.