Our Pillars

women on bench


We will bring awareness to overlapping social categorizations and identities (race, ethnicity, religion, class, education, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc.) of women, how they shape individual experiences and how to dismantle barriers.

Healthy Living

We will encourage women to have a positive holistic view of one’s self and educate women on effective techniques to establish and maintain their eight dimensions of wellness.

The Career Woman

We will address issues, support professional aspirations and efforts, and highlight women thriving in male-dominated career fields such as business, politics, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

Women in Leadership

We will encourage women to embrace their leadership style, take advantage of leadership opportunities, provide effective leadership tools, and expose Creighton women to the success of women in leadership roles.

Women in Unity

We will foster a stronger sense of solidarity and support among the female students at Creighton, placing emphasis on the significance of sisterhood, mentorship and healthy relationships.