Embracing Diversity and Inclusion in the Division of Student Life.

Student life at Creighton University

Students are the heartbeat of our community. It’s our mission to make sure our students feel safe, cared for and respected throughout their education. We encourage all students, faculty and staff to embrace diversity and show compassion. It’s our goal to raise awareness and grow understanding among the many cultures we represent.

Creighton Intercultural Center (CIC)

Grounded in supporting Creighton University’s mission and Jesuit and Ignatian traditions and values, the CIC provides spaces, services and programs for students, staff and faculty to advance the educational, cultural and social understanding of our diverse human family.

Culturally Based Student Organizations

Culturally based student organizations, including multicultural fraternal organizations, exist on campus to provide additional opportunities for meaningful engagement for students from underrepresented groups.

Education and Engagement

The Division of Student Life collaborates with other student services, departments, offices, programs and multicultural student organizations to coordinate new student orientations, service learning projects, educational courses, diversity training and retention initiatives.

Lieben Center for Women

The Lieben Center for Women is dedicated to the empowerment of women at Creighton. As a student-centered space, the Lieben Center promotes and advocates for gender equity on campus and in the community, and strives to create a space for women and their allies to achieve individual and social change.

Comprehensive Diversity Statement

The Division of Student Life adheres to Creighton University’s Statement on Diversity which welcomes the rich variety of (a) states of being, (b) ways of thinking, and (c) individual, group, and organizational behaviors that are present in our community.  Our intent as the Division of Student Life is to promote inclusion, self-awareness, diversity competency*, and an open atmosphere of learning for staff and students.  The Division of Student Life is committed to promoting a climate of acceptance and respect, recognizing the dignity of all persons in the University community, and those served by the University community. 

*Diversity Competency is defined as a combination of personal attitudes (awareness of personal assumptions about others, openness to change), interpersonal skills (empathy for multiple perspectives, engaging in inquiry), and knowledge of societies (dominant and non-dominant groups) that promote an ethic of warmth and welcome toward the diverse groups that make up our campus, local, and national communities.

Theoretical foundation for the development of diversity competency.  The article A Typology of Intergroup Competencies by V. Jean Ramsey of Texas Southern University and Jean Kantambu Latting of the University of Houston, outlines the developing theory that supports the skills that this Policy seeks to build in Division staff.