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Residential Life Professional Staff

Residential Life Staff

Thank you for your interest in joining our professional staff team at Creighton. We encourage you to read through the information below to help discern if this would be a good fit for you as a person and professional. We take great pride in our institution and mission, our work, and serving our students to develop them as people for, and with, others in the world. We strive to live out our Jesuit mission through engaging not only the residents we serve, but also taking a personal approach to growing and developing our staff to be active in the world around us. We are guided in our work by the core values of the Division of Student Life at Creighton University.

our team

Professional Staff:

7 Resident Directors, 1 Assistant Director, 1 Director, 7 Hall Chaplains

Student Staff:

9 Assistant Resident Directors, 60 Resident Advisors, 4 Campus Health Aides, 3 Academic Success Peer Mentors

Inter Residence Hall Government (IRHG):

7 Executive Board Members with a general assembly advocating for students living on campus

Quick Facts:

  • 7 of our staff members have presented or participated in regional or national conferences (with two holding executive board positions in the organization).
  • 6 of the 7 Resident Directors identify their “hometown” in a different state.
  • 5 professional staff have planned or participated in retreats here.
  • 3 have participated in a University Hearing Board.
  • 3 advise a student organization on campus.
  • 2 have participated in a service or immersion trip through Creighton.
  • 2 professional staff are currently attending classes.

The Resident Director Position

Resident Directors at Creighton are professionals who work 10- or 12-month positions and live in the residence halls. They typically supervise 4-16 Resident Advisors and Assistant Resident Director staff, as well as have responsibilities related to the front desk, residence hall councils, and other duties within the Department of Residential Life. Guided by our division pillars, our goal is to be a resource for residents, a central member of our community and to facilitate those within the community becoming citizens of the world.

General Requirements

  • Master’s degree in student affairs administration or related field.
  • Comprehension and appreciation for the Catholic, Jesuit mission at Creighton University.
  • Demonstrate understanding and programming ability around issues of diversity and inclusion.
  • Skills related to working with students experiencing crisis.
  • Desire to work in a college environment, specifically to educate our students to become people for, and with, others.
  • Experience supervising and/or advising student staff, preferably traditional college-age demographic.
  • Demonstration of communication skills and a strong work ethic.


  • Fully furnished apartment with kitchen, washer/dryer, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, cable, and other amenities. (Unfortunately, at this time we do not have a pet policy in place.)
  • Parking space (must purchase parking pass).
  • Meal Plan provided.
  • Laptop and iPad provided.
  • Professional development funds available upon request approval.
  • Full employee benefits from Human Resources, including 403b matching, dental and health insurance, and much more. For more information on Creighton employee benefits, click here.

Application Process

Interested applicants should reach out directly to Michael Lorenz, michaellorenz [at] creighton [dot] edu, director, along with a cover letter and resume. Once your application materials are received, we will review them and make decisions to proceed in the process. The next step would be a 30-minute phone interview with two of our staff members. Depending on the timing, we may choose to conduct a second phone interview, or move directly to an all-day on-campus interview. The on-campus interview would consist of meeting with staff and students, campus partners, etc.

The Placement Exchange (TPE)

If you are attending TPE 2019 in Los Angeles, a similar process will take place. More information will be provided in early 2019 once you apply. Note: To be mindful of a fair and consistent process, you are not required to attend TPE, nor are you at a disadvantage for being unable to attend.

Omaha as a Newcomer

“We Don’t Coast” – Life in Omaha

A narrative by Mike Lorenz, resident since 2018


Omaha is a hidden gem, and residents of the area often exclaim, “Shhhh, don’t go around telling everyone, we want it to stay this way!” I moved here from the East Coast with my partner (a native from Southern California) and we weren’t sure what to expect. There were a lot of stereotypes and assumptions made by those on the coast(s) about life here, and the only one that has proved correct was the “Midwest nice” that we have experienced.

Much to our delight, Omaha is a very modern and vibrant city. It has 470,000 residents, is home to four Fortune 500 companies, and is the birthplace of the Rueben Sandwich. With festivals and farmers markets all summer and fall, the College World Series which brings in thousands of visitors from all over the U.S., a zoo with the largest indoor rain forest in the world, its dedication to Creighton sports (basketball and soccer grab the most attention) and a variety of different neighborhoods all with great restaurants and their own vibe, this is a great place for young professionals and families alike. It’s affordability and the kind nature of those who call Omaha home is a draw for people from across the country. 

With respect to cultural diversity in Omaha, we were pleasantly surprised as well. South 24th street hosts a booming Latino neighborhood; Omaha is home to almost one-third of the estimated Sudanese refugee population living in the U.S., Malcolm X was born here and has a nice memorial in North Omaha; and symbols of Native American heritage can be seen across the city. The University also hosts a variety of speakers and cultural heritage events to attend throughout the year.

Lastly, for anyone looking at outdoor adventures, you’ll find much more than you expected. It’s not just a flat city in the plains - we have numerous hills and valleys, hiking and biking trails, and you’re only 20 minutes away from total countryside if you want it. If you travel across the state of Nebraska, you’ll find deserts, forests, and hills. The landscape is extremely diverse here, much more so than I anticipated.

So, if you’re like I was, and aren’t sure what Omaha has to offer, I would urge you to give it a chance. No flight in the continental U.S. is more than 3 hours away, nowhere in the city is more than 25 minutes away, the people are amazingly friendly, and no matter your interests or personality, there’s a place for you here in Omaha!