Committees and Work Groups

Committees and Work Groups

Campus life

Divisional committees, work groups and advisory boards strive to better serve the needs of students and maximize opportunities to create programs, environments and services that enhance student and staff experiences.


  • The Cornerstone Committee actively supports the work of Housing and Auxiliary Services to engage students and identify opportunities to enhance existing spaces to support student learning and create environments that are welcoming to all.
  • The Town and Gown Committee helps students understand personal responsibility and accountability when living off-campus, establishes relationships with nearby neighborhood associations and area landlords, and develops programming that better prepares students to be responsible neighbors.
  • The Knowing Our Students Committee is responsible for understanding our students. It is by first knowing our students that we can achieve our goal of engaging all students. This committee provides oversight and leadership to better understand our students and their needs.
  • The Embracing Inclusion Committee leads efforts to fulfill the division’s strategic goal of embracing inclusion in thought and action. The committee thoughtfully and intentionally develops and supports efforts in the realm of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • The For and With Others Committee fulfills the divisional pillar that encourages lifelong learning and a commitment to developing our staff. The committee creates ongoing development for divisional staff, providing opportunities for learning, networking and recognition within the Division of Student Life.

Work Groups

  • The New Staff Formation Work Group provides an orientation experience for new members of the Division of Student Life staff, preparing them to interact with students and one another more effectively.
  • The Task Stream Work Group is charged with coordination and documentation of those efforts and initiatives that relate to student learning. The committee specifically focuses on activities that reflect the rich variety of co-curricular, out-of-class learning opportunities found within Student Life.
  • The Divisional Awards, Networking and Connecting Work Group coordinates the annual divisional awards nomination and selection process, and plans networking and social opportunities for the division throughout the year.
  • The Integrated Wellness Work Group provides wellness education and resources to the division, specifically how to integrate each of the eight dimensions of wellness into daily life.
  • The Sustainability Work Group partners with the Office of Sustainability Programs to answer the division’s call to implement more sustainable practices for our students and ourselves.

Advisory Boards

  • The Skutt Student Center Advisory Board addresses the changing needs of our students by providing guidance on prioritization of improvements to the Skutt Student Center, and making recommendations regarding policies, procedures, operation, and activities within the center.
  • The Student Formation Advisory Board strives to create an intentional, imaginative and impactful student experience, including advising the Creighton Comprehensive Student Record.
  • The Student Wellness Advisory Board utilizes the eight dimensions of wellness to provide services and programs that educate, promote and create opportunities for students to learn about and practice healthy lifestyle behaviors.
  • The Dining Advisory Board supports the continuous improvement of dining operations at Creighton by providing suggestions on existing services and new initiatives. The Dining Advisory Board consults on all dining venues, menu options, special programs and operational functions.