Recognizing the students who make our community great.

Awards banquet

Each year, the Division of Student Life recognizes students who go above and beyond to enhance the student experience. The following students were nominated for 2018-2019. Winners will be announced on April 14, 2019.

Encourage Award

This award recognizes a student employee who has demonstrated the unique ability to inspire and motivate others to learn and develop. Nominees for this award promoted self-awareness, collaboration, and personal and professional growth in others, and embody a team-oriented mentality. 

  • Autumn Hauser
  • Brooke Pickette
  • Dakota Girdley
  • Jaylieen Cesneros
  • Jillian Lesnansky (winner)
  • Paul Roy
  • Taylor Gould
  • Tim Jones

Innovation Award

This award is given to a student who used creativity to implement a new program, practice or tool this year. Nominees for this award displayed outside the box thinking to enhance the Creighton community.

  • Alex Van Cleave (winner)
  • Brendan Johnson (winner)
  • Denisse Navarro-Perez (winner)
  • Hallie Johnson
  • Hugh Truempi
  • Jayne Gephart
  • Jordan Malcolm

Partnership Award

This award recognizes a student who has enhanced the student experience through collaborative efforts. Nominees for this award displayed a positive attitude toward others, openness to new ideas, an understanding of the goals of multiple groups and a desire to provide more for our students.

  • Anna Ferguson
  • Casey Allen
  • Matthew Eastmo
  • Patrick Marta
  • Sophie Spicci (winner)

Impact Award

This award recognizes a student who has made a significant contribution to multiple departments this year. Nominees for this award displayed depth in their various commitments by leading activities within multiple departments and assisting in building bridges amongst those entities.

  • Elizabeth Vohnoutka
  • Jillian Lesnansky
  • Sam Miller
  • Sarah Burke
  • Savannah Arguello (winner)
  • Sophie Spicci

Leader of Tomorrow

This award recognizes an aspiring student leader just beginning a leadership journey here at Creighton. Nominees for this award are involved in various activities on campus, show the commitment and potential to make an impact in the future and are looked up to by their peers, even though they may lack the title or position to garner such admiration. 

  • Caitlin Mills
  • Denisse Navarro-Perez
  • Hunter Neumayer
  • Jessie Lee (winner)
  • Karli Sugar
  • Kelsey Novak
  • Lexi Christiansen
  • Saige Jager

Leader of Today

This award recognizes a student leader who has recently entered a leadership role and is already making a significant impact, handling adversity and pushing an organization forward. Nominees for this award have embraced change and used it to lead their organizations to a prosperous future.

  • Chloe Casagrande
  • Donna Shahbazi
  • Emily McKenna
  • Grant Goffoy
  • JoJo Layton
  • Katrina Nesbit
  • Maddie Tagaloa
  • Max Ehrhart
  • Michael Galeski (winner)
  • Nathanael O’Reilly
  • Nathan Nalbach
  • Nick Goodenow
  • Sarah Giacomini
  • Sarah Schmitz
  • Tyler Piper
  • Zachary Banaszak

Leader of Yesterday

This award is given to a senior student who has shown tireless leadership and dedication. Nominees for this award have held at least one executive-level position and have helped shape where their organizations are today, leaving legacies that will be felt even after they’ve graduated. 

  • Abril Rangel-Pacheco
  • Bailey Ramos Nelson
  • Emily Newcomb (winner)
  • Jesus Santiago
  • Joe Wheeler
  • Katie Pedersen
  • Kayla Young
  • Matt Sacco
  • Max Donnelly
  • Mohit Khanal
  • Nagisa Matsumoto
  • Skky Passi
  • Valerie Pederson